Of Problems and Wet Clothes

Dsc01652_mediumThe dryer was out of commission.  Clothes were piling up.  Life was beginning to spin wildly out of control.  I had narrowed the problem to heat, or the lack thereof.  Heating elements were relatively inexpensive, and after checking around, I found a way to restring the coil for only 8 dollars.  Saturday would be the face-off.
When the fight began, the dryer was clearly winning.  Every screw I had removed left me no closer to the prized treasure inside.  I was frantically trying to find the magic way of accessing the heating element.  After a short break of a few hours, I went back and was able to remove the top, followed by the front, and then out popped the drum and belt.  The dryer was dismantled before I even had to time to realize I had never built a dryer before.
I was able to restring the element, and then put the pieces back together.  When I plugged the machine back in, I expected sparks and fire and certain doom, but it worked instead.  "It worked. I can’t believe it."
I also can’t believe that you had to completely dismantle the dryer to fix this common problem.  There is no quick-fix.  I guess some problems are like that…you have to break everything down and get messy before you can make any real progress.



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