The Lion, The Witch, and Populist Metaphors

The Chronicles of Narnia movie is totally chock full of symbols.  The part when Aslan is tortured, humiliated, and killed by the witch, only to rise agian is very moving.  Not only is it moving, but it’s timely being that Easter is right about the corner.  There’s nothing all that special about some ficticious lion being killed, but I can’t help but watch that movie and think about Christ’s death.  The symbols and allegorical elements of the movie really hit home because I have the context to interpret them.
You know another movie chock full of symbols – The Wizard of Oz.  Not everyone knows that the book was written as a political allegory when America was changing from the Gold Standard of backing up money.  The movie follows the yellow brick road (symbolizes gold-very dangerous path) to the Emerald CIty (green like paper money-seems valuable, but has no real worth).  Along the way Dorothy meets the Munchkins (common citizens) a lion (William Jennings Bryan-presidential candidate), a scarecrow (farmers), and a tinman (industrial workers), and eventually her problem is solved with her shoes (in the book they are silver).  Symbols are everywhere but most people don’t have the context to understand what that story is really trying to say.  People understand it’s a good story, but that’s as far as it goes.
There are so many people out there who will never understand the symbolism in the Chronicles of Narnia.  They either lack the will to connect the dots, or they may have no clue about the back-story.  Why does this matter?  We are responsible for giving people context about Christ.  We should be helping to connect the dots and telling the story.  And the only way to do that is to talk to people.  To care about them enough to have a conversation.



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