A Win?

I thought I’d finally be like every other minister out there and read 7 Practices of Effective Ministry by NorthPoint & co.  There’s a million things I could say about that book and what it means for my youth ministry, but that book is significant on a whole other level.
The part that I’m focused on right now is Deciding and Defining what a "Win" looks like in ministry…I’m trying to figure out what a win looks like in my personal life.  Have I won when I don’t cuss for a whole day?  What about when I wake up and I am nice to my wife?  What about when I compliment my wife for cleaning the house?  What goals have I set for myself so I can win at life?  Is that a stupid question?  Should I be setting deeper goals like having a "quiet time" or preparing 2 days ahead for lessons?
If it is important to define a win so church members can feel like they have accomplished something, then I feel like I should define wins in my life.  The trouble is, I’m just not sure what they should be.



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    Ang said,

    Hey! Cool sight…come read to the kids one day!Also the school does not block this web page :>)

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