I’m Curious, George?

Another Apprentice, another time Bill has had to pinch hit for George.  I’m going to give George the benefit of the doubt for 2 of his earlier absences.  Lee missed for Jewish holidays, and I guess George took the day off also.  But I can’t come up with any reason for George to be gone tonite.  Do we really need more Bill?  I can only take so much of that horrible haircut next to The Donald’s hair.  While we’re on the subject, can you think of 3 less attractive TV hosts than Bill / George, Carolyn, and The Donald?  Go 3 on 3 with American Idol – Bill / George vs. Randy – I give the edge to Randy, The Donald vs. Simon – push, and Carolyn vs. Paula – Paula in a landslide.  Even if Paula wasn’t attractive now, Carolyn doesn’t have the "Opposites Attract" video to fall back on.  But I digress.
Seriously, where is George?  I hope he isn’t holed up in some ICU somewhere.  Next week’s task is going to be managing a nursing home, and suddenly George is going to show up looking disheveled in a dress claiming he used to work on this show.  I don’t want that.  Not for George.


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