David Palmer is my President

Finished season 4 of 24 last night.  I’m definitely debating which season ranks at the top; right now it’s come down to season 1 and season 4.  I liked 2 & 3, but they just didn’t resonate with me the way 1 & 4 did.

As I flew through episodes (7 in one day) yesterday, I got to see David Palmer jump back in the mix.  Newly christened President Logan is having trouble making sense of everything and not making decisions fast enough and just generally being an idiot, so Mike Novick calls in Palmer to consult on the crisis.

Palmer is a take-charge, quick-thinking, can-do kind of guy.  He immediately makes some tough calls, some of which actually turn out to be wrong.  In fact, one of his decisions will forever change Jack Bauer’s life, but Palmer has his focus right where it needs to be at all times.  His only motive is stopping the crisis, and he makes decisions based on that.

If you were to apply the 7 Practices of Effective Ministry to Palmer, he passes every one.

  • His win is stopping the warhead
  • Every lead and piece of intelligience is a step toward that
  • His focus is limited to stopping the warhead
  • He doesn’t waste time talking about extranneous things
  • He listens to outsiders including CTU, D.O.D., and other intelligence agencies
  • Mike Novick and Charles Logan are being trained to replace David Palmer
  • He spent his few hours with the President "working on it" and trying to get better

I know this sounds cheesy, but President Palmer is really a hero of mine.  I love his character, I love the way he operates, I love how he gets mixed up in horrible situations and manages to avert disaster.



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    Erin said,

    I love the fact that he isn’t easily swayed by those who are close to him, he usually does what’s right not what’s easy.

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