Cup Washing and Grass Growing

I’ve learned plenty about growing grass and not weeds, and not wasting water on already-watered lawns. My front yard has been my baby while the backyard has suffered through my negligence. I mowed my yard today and dropped ant killer and watered and the whole time I was reflecting on my lawn.  It is no coincidence that my front yard looks better than the back.  You see, the front yard is what everyone sees, the backyard is simply the yard that me and my family see.  The front yard serves no purpose, the backyard is where Emma would play.  As silly as it sounds, I don’t want to be that guy on the block with the ugly front yard.  I don’t want people to drive by and think all sorts of horrible things about me based on how tall my grass is.  I would rather neglect the yard that my family uses in favor of the one that people I don’t know will see.
It makes me think of Jesus and the story he told about washing cups.  Some people waste all of their time washing the outside of the cup and never work on the inside.  Kind of pointless, huh?  I detest the part of me that is more concerned with appearance over substance.  My lawn is just a symptom of an overall bigger disease.



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