Decisions, Decisions

Call it an epiphany.  An "Aha" moment (not like listening to Take On Me, more like saying Eureka).  Sometime today, it dawned on me that leaders need to be decisive.

Unpacking :: Leaders need to make decisions.  No one likes that guy who can’t ever decide where to eat dinner.  He acts like he’s happy eating anywhere, when really he hates 90% of the places you suggest, he just won’t man-up and say so.  You aren’t going to make that guy a manager or leader in your life.  Why?  Because he can’t decide!  When push comes to shove, your leaders need to know they hold the power and responsibility to make a choice.
There are a bunch of other things that go into that.  Because they hold final say, leaders need to be keen observers and astute listeners.  They need to have high character and be selfless.  But in the time of need, the last thing they need is hesitation and doubt.

Goal for the week: Make some decisions.  Believe in myself.  Stop hesitating.

Enough self-help mumbo jumbo.  Spurs close it out tomorrow.  Lakers (hopefully) finish it out in 5 minutes.  After much deliberation, I’m still really confused about T.O. playing in Dallas.  I resolve to play golf next week.  I also resolve to not eat out by myself for the next week.

I’m tired.  peace.


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    blake said,

    tim thomas, tim thomas, tim thomas

    hopefully the suns end this back at home. and i to and perflexed about TO in Dallas.

    and about making decisions, this is why Dubya calls himself “the decider” because he decides what needs to be decided about decisions.

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