David Blaine is a Chump

David_blaine_biography_1Anyone catch "Drowned Alive" the other night?  Magician David Blaine was attempting to hold his breath for 9 minutes, while freeing himself from chains that held him inside of a bubble.  The 2 hour special showed Blaine training and featured stories about other people attempting to hold their breath for long periods of time.  Every so often, the scene would switch back to Blaine preparing to enter the bubble.
The moment arrives where David descends into the water, and the countdown begins.  This is not the first David Blaine special I’ve watched.  Some people like Siegfried and Roy, others David Copperfield, and still other Criss Angel.  But not me.  I’m a David Blaine fan.  I’ve seen him levitate, trap himself in a block of ice, stay perched on top of a tower, perform crazy card tricks, even freak out Deion Sanders at Dallas Cowboys training camp.  I can’t tell you how excited I was about seeing him break the world record.  But about 7 and one half minutes in, David begins to have trouble and starts convulsing and the divers jump in to save him.
What a disappointment!  And on such a gigantic stage!  I’m disappointing every day, but not on live TV in front of millions of people.  How do you live that down?  Does he even have a shot at another primetime special?  Magicians seem like a dying breed, and this certainly won’t help.  Why won’t it help?  Because David Blaine proved that magicians can’t do real tricks.  Everything they do is an illusion, and when they take the step into reality, it ends in about 7 and a half minutes.
Has there been a better TV time in a while?  Chris gets kicked off of American Idol, NBA playoffs are on, 24 is nearing an end, and George was back on the Apprentice.
Shot the best golf score of my life today, and finished the day with a 20 foot putt for par.
My daughter is gorgeous…look for new pictures soon.  I’m out.



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    Tee said,


    It’s nice to know that i’m not the only TV junkie at FBC. I really enjoyed the Nelson today, look forward to hitting the links soon…


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