Camry O’Fury (Part 1)

The wait is over.  It has been 20 months, but Erin and I now own two running vehicles.  We have had our Jeep Cherokee for a while, and as of yesterday, we are the new parents of a 2003 Toyota Camry.
Car buying is akin to a day at the beach for some people, but for me it is the equivalent of a root canal.  Every car is a crap-shoot, and I always feel like the house is going to win.  I try and inspect potential vehicles very closely, but eventually I realize that I don’t even know what to look for.  But the real thing that gets me is the salesman.
I think every stereotype of a car salesman is true.  They are not really interested in what I am looking for, they are chasing the bottom line.  Everything I say or don’t say is a clue for them about what angle they should take.  You can’t say you like something or admit it’s a good price unless you want to give up all of your bargaining power.  I would love the find the dealership that actually is interested in it’s customers, not just it’s profits.
On that same note, I think people outside of the faith would love to find a church that is interested in them and not just converting another lost soul.  There are probably loads of people who are struggling to find meaning, and when they turn to the church, they get a half-hearted pitch trying to sell a half-hearted faith.  Guests are another customer.
As a minister, am I a used-car salesman?  Do I try to cover up any messy parts of faith, so faith is easier to sell?  Am I selling faith?  Am I selling Christ?  Lord help me if I am.  I want to invest my life in others.  I want to help them live.  I want to point them to something so big it is unimaginable.  But I do not want to sell them a cheap, unwanted life.



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