John 9

The lesson for Sunday is going to be over John 9.  I made some quick mental notes about the chapter:

  • Because of what the disciples ask, I assume that the thinking of the day said people born disabled were the result of sin.
  • Jesus doesn’t deny that per se, but says that this man was born blind to glorify God.
  • The man is healed when he lets Jesus touch him and when he obeys Jesus by washing in the Pool.
  • The man’s parents were scared the Pharisees would kick them out of the church.
  • The Pharisees cannot come close to wrapping their mind around the healing.
  • Even the man doesn’t understand the healing, but…
  • The man says, "Here is what I know, I was blind, Jesus did something, and now I can see."

I somehow always forget about this story, and then I’ll read it and all of this confidence overwhelms me.  There’s not much I understand about my life.  I usually doubt that I am the right person for a situation and I feel like I am so underprepared to be of any use to God.  But this story reminds me that I don’t have to understand much as long as I can admit "Jesus has touched my life, and that makes a difference."



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