Soundtracks and Such…

Tom DeLonge has started a new band called Angels & Airwaves.  If you had asked me a month ago what new DeLonge band would sound like, I would have pointed you to Boxcar Racer or Hawthorne Heights or Yellowcard or some other "I hate my Dad and so I play loud music" sort of pop-punk band.  If you had actually asked me, which you didn’t, and I answered you that way, I would be completely red-faced right now.  "The Adventure" is the first song from the new project and it is absolutely stellar.  But here’s the real reason for this post…
On MTV2’s rock countdown today, there was some blurb about the fact that AAA are making a movie about the songs from their CD to "deepen the understanding of their music."  All of a sudden, the gears started to turn.  What an interesting concept: A single self-contained album as the soundtrack for a movie.  Immediately I began to scroll through the memory banks trying to find some albums that could rise to this new, awesome level.  I have only come up with one: Jewba

Jimmy Eat World’s
"Bleed American"

First of all, this is one of my favorite all-time discs.  But, as it pertains to this discussion, I think this one CD could be the soundtrack to a movie.  It would probably be some coming-of-age tale about friends finishing high school (opening credits: "Bleed American") and moving on ("The Middle") and dealing with tragedy (cue "The Cautioners"), and at the end of the tale (as "My Sundown" builds) the guy and girl that have been just friends confess their undying love.
Alright, I know that sounds slightly cheesy, but the point is that JEW’s album is so diverse and goes so many different places that it could be a complete movie soundtrack.

What album fits a movie in your world?



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