It’s Hot as Hades in Here

I think the AC is broken in my house.  It was cool earlier, and then about 4 o’clock, the house began to heat up.  Slowly, the temperature rose and rose until Erin and I decided to bug out for a while.  We ended up going to Tyler and grabbing dinner and spending entirely too long looking for an ironing board hanger in Target.
Like I said, I think the AC is broken.  I feel like there’s something I could’ve done, but I don’t know what it is.  As I type, I’m realizing that there is no way I could’ve forseen or prevented this situation.  You can do some type of maintenance like changing the filters (which I’ve done), but you’ll never know exactly when the proverbial poop is about to hit the fan.  I hate that.  I want to know what’s coming.  Sucker-punches are the worst because you have no time to prepare for them.
I don’t watch a ton of boxing, but I like what I’ve seen.  Guys hammer on each other for a while, and then out of nowhere some dude lands a punch and the other guy goes all kinds of limp.  It’s not that a knockout punch is so much harder or placed better, the knowckout punch is the one you never saw coming.  You can’t get your defense up and it catches you at the worst possible moment.
So as I sit here in the warmness of my home, having been sucker-punched by the AC, I am grateful that my biggest worry is perspiring while I try and sleep.



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