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I don’t think I’m an angry person.  I can think of a few things that make me terribly upset:  drivers who don’t signal, Ginobilli’s game 7 foul on Nowitzki, and the fact that Wonder Years isn’t out on DVD.  But for the most part, I try to stay happy and enjoy life.  Which leads me to the most depressing website I have been to in my whole life.
I have been to Slice of Laodicea before.  I don’t remember which article I read, but I know I was disappointed with the way the readership interpreted everyday events.  For some reason, I chose to check out the site again.  I don’t know if I thought things would be better or I just wanted a reason to be discouraged, but The Slice is still The Slice.
Like I said, not much makes me upset.  But The Slice makes my blood boil.  I don’t want to spew my venom on the people of the site, but I wish I could tie their ideas onto the biggest boulder and toss it into the sea.  Why?  Because there is not a single person who reads / writes on that site with love leading them.  Even with the highest powered microscope, you wouldn’t be able to find a shred of grace.
How can people get so caught up in their own ideas and thoughts and forget what Jesus thought was the most important?  How can people not see the forest for the trees?  How can so many people think they are doing God a favor by denouncing other people?  How can people completely separate themselves from the world around them and seclude themselves inside of their own private bubble?
I don’t even know why I am so put off by this.  It has been a dramatic 7+ days and I think I’m finally sick of people missing the point and getting caught up in stuff that doesn’t matter.  There are so many bigger ideas out there, but the good old folks at The Slice are worried about mega-churches.

Anyone else beginning to feel like summer is almost over?



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    Chase said,

    Stapper, I’ve enjoyed your blog for a few months as a mutual friend hooked me up to it. I am abuot to fly to Latvia to be with some of your Athens folks. Yeah, that site looks pretty crazy. And Rick Warren, the Anti-Christ? Everybody knows Trebek is the real guy, I mean- even his game show is called Jeopardy. I get wigged out sometimes about the megachurch and I go to one,(sometimes I get wigged out abuot the dark too, though) but no local church will ever be perfect, not even the one the Slice people go to- The Church, the universal, dare I say catholic one, one day she will be perfect, she must. That will be a nice day.

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