Rapid Fire

On the way to Rob Bell the other night, an interesting situation arose whilst I was driving the church bus.  We were on a 2-lane (1 lane for each direction) road with concrete barriers to the right and a large ditch with obstacles to the left.  The speed limit was 35 mph, and all of a sudden I notice an ambulance on my 6.  What do you do?  There is no shoulder, no way of pulling off the road to the right or to the left, and you are in a large vehicle emblazoned with the church’s name, address, etc.  How do you do the right thing in this situation?  Is there a right thing to do? 

It rained yesterday.  Not long, but it was beautiful while it lasted.  The day went from crazy bright and hot to wind picking up and sun going away to rain to this cool breeze afterward.  Not long after the rain stopped, I hopped in my car and drove home.  On the way, steam was rising from almost every bit of road.  Before the drops-o-goodness had fallen, it must’ve been 100 degrees, so I can only imagine how hot this pavement was.  It was a strange sight to see the road giving off a visible reminder of coming into contact with only a little bit of cool water. 

On July 4, I feared for my life.  I rode the Kite Tube.  Mind you, I remember a time when it was fun to just be pulled in a regular donut-looking tube behind a boat.  Then people started making the tubes flat and pulling two at a time and there were banana boats and then other odd-shaped inflatables and finally some that if you were able to sling them just right may momentarily lift off the water.  The Kite Tube changes all that.  It’s purpose is to fly off of the water.  The whole toy is designed so you can be pulled by a boat and fly up and down behind it.  No one else had tried it, and I wanted to be cool-youth-minister-guy so I volunteered.  Nothing cataclysmic happened…I rode it…I flew up…I flew down…I flew off.  My dad caught it on video and watching it later, it didn’t look scary at all.  I would’ve have sworn in court that I was at least 60 feet of the water, but the video proved I was only about 4.  Riding that demented contraption, I felt so out of control and scared to fly off of it.  If only I could’ve seen the situation from another angle, I probably would have enjoyed it more.

Enough short stories for now. peace.


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    blake said,

    just wanted to say i was a little dissapointed in your post due to the title Rapid Fire. You see Rapid Fire was a movie starring Brandon Lee and it was kind of a break-out role for him. It was not as popular as The Crow, but at least he survived the making of this film. Anyway, the title brought back some great memories.

  2. 2

    Rapid Fire was on HBO the other night and the title was in homage to this overlooked gem.

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