But I Like Ice Cream!

I have spent the better part of 2 hours reading blogs and articles on the internet.  I don’t know why, but I am drawn to the musings and ramblings of crazy people who write the way my Senior English professor taught.  No one really cares about what they’re saying, but they ramble on like the world hinges on every last syllable.
All that to say that I am so upset right now.  And to make matters worse, I am unable to put my finger on exactly what is making me upset.  It goes like this: Imagine that I like Vanilla Ice Cream.  But then I start reading statement after statement attacking both Vanilla Ice Cream and everyone who enjoys it’s tasty-goodness.  And it’s not just their opinion, they back up their hatred of all things V.I.C. with references from Scripture and fellow authors who also condone V.I.C. disapproval.  I am not mandating a strict Vanilla Ice Cream diet for anyone, but I also don’t believe that Vanilla Ice Cream is the evil that it’s being portrayed as.
The analogy starts to break down, but here’s what I’m saying: Why is it that some people’s lives are wrapped up in tearing things down as opposed to building things up?  Why do some people find worth in stripping others of their worth?  Why do people only know the Bible as a Sword of destruction as opposed to the Living and Active Word From God?  And finally, why do I keep reading this junk?



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    yo . . . i read those ramblings as well . . . sadly, every last one . . . by the way, i’ve also read ‘velvet elvis’ and i actually did go to the ‘everything is spiritual’ tour . . . i don’t feel like a theological discussion right now; i just figured since i went through all that trouble, i’d let you know that i enjoyed what you had to say . . . thank you . . .


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