Leadership Summit Day 1

Here are my reflections on the Summit today:

Passion with no skill is better than skill with no passion.  Nothing trumps a heart passionate about pursuing the will of God.

It is imperative for me to have the faith that God can grow the student ministry / church.  If I don’t, then I shouldn’t be surprised when it doesn’t grow.

I should love my family (Ephesians 5:25).  God will build the church (Matthew 16:18).  Side note: Jesus is making a prophecy in Matthew 16 that one day people will gather together in his name.  I think I always knew that was a prophecy, but it never clicked that I am helping to fulfill a promise that Jesus made a long time ago.

I am a machine-gun-listener.  My wife is a storyteller.  We are a cross-quadrant couple.  All that to say that I need to hone my listening skills especailly when I am communicating with people who listen and speak differently than I do.

This wasn’t said today, but it seemed to be an underlying thought.  The best thing I can do is passionately pursue who God has called me to be.  Everything else flows from that.

Day 2 tomorrow…peace.


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  1. 1

    Ken Silva said,

    Hello chris,

    “All that to say that I need to hone my listening skills.” This is good to hear you say, this is all I have been politely trying to help you see as we’ve talked. 🙂

  2. 2

    If nothing else comes from all of the discussion, I have definitely begun to hone my discernment. While you and I don’t typically see eye to eye, I am very thankful that these disagreements have driven me to the study of scripture and a whole bunch of thinking.

  3. 3

    Ken Silva said,

    Well, there’s nothing that’s more important than spending time seeking the Lord. For what it’s worth my football analogy from the SliceCast applies here between us…at least for now. 🙂

    I have sincerely prayed for you that God would show you what He would wish you to see, and not what anyone else might try to have you see. May He answer this prayer for both of us Chris.

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