Leadership Summit Finale

Today’s sessions were good.  Cordeiro and Hybels were inspiring, but I didn’t walk away feeling like my mind had been stretched as far as the previous two days.  They reinforced some ideas that are always lurking and that made today a good day.

Final Thoughts of Willow Creek Leadership Summit 2006:

1. Strategic Living! Life is about to get somewhat-structured.  Not because it’s the only way to live, but it is the way I need to live.  I am going to try and live intentionally and with a strategy and plan and vision as opposed to living from one day to the next.  God has been opening my eyes to his vision for Athens, Texas.  I have gotten a glimpse…I want more.

2. Strategic Giving! Bono’s discussion on AIDS was a spark.  I think the key to the issue is figuring out a meaningful way for people to help.  I’ve said it a few times in conversation: I don’t think the question is "Will people serve?"  I think it’s going to be "How can we get all of these people significantly involved?"

3. Strategic Growth! I don’t mean growing the student ministry or the church.  I have got to be intentional about my growth as a follower of Christ and a leader.  The mission is too important for the wrong people to be invovled.  I don’t want to be the wrong person.

4. Strategic Explanation! How do I condense all of the learning I’ve done in the last few months into something tangible for leaders around me?  How do I help them catch the vision?

Lob your potshots.  Think I’m crazy.  Think I’m brilliant, whatever.  I don’t really know what I am except this: I am fired-up and excited!  The Summit has given me renewed passion and caused me to think harder than I have in a long time….peace.


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