Guess what’s longer

Athens, TX to McAllen, TX -or- Athens, TX to Memphis, TN ?

Most of you would initially think Athens to Memphis must be a far longer journey.  After all, you are travelling through three states and to another part of the country.  But you would be wrong, my friends.  The drive from McAllen to my beloved home of Athens is almost 30 minutes longer than I would have to drive to see Graceland or the Grizzlies.

Erin and I returned from our tour across South Texas and we are glad to be home.  It’s great to see family for a while, but….well, you can finish that sentence.  We had a great visit with our parents, grand-parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, friends, and not-really-friends.  We went to Chuck-E-Cheese, a Football Game, a ridiculous Church service in a coffee shop, a magic show, 1 nice mall, 1 terrible mall, 2 golf courses, and plenty of restaurants.

I went to 5 church services throughout the week, and each one made me miss the crew back here in Athens.  There is nothing like being with your own community.

Last shout out – the new FBC website is up and running.  Check it out.



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    Jennifer Koerth said,

    Chris – My parents used to live in McAllen and we have made the same drive with a child less than a year younger than Emma IN A MUSTANG!! How much fun does that sound? But, it was a week after 9/11 and it was better than possibly being flown into a big building, enough said?!

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