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Question of the day: Are we setting students up for failure when we expect them to be deep disciples of Christ?  Can teenagers make genuine committments?  Mike Yaconelli (founder of Youth Specialties) and Gordon MacDonald (president of InterVarsity) have both written articles saying that No, teenagers cannot make genuine committments.
Enjoyed my seminar yesterday on "Crafting Messages that Matter" with Doug Fields.  I have gone to a few seminars on teaching thus far, and each time I am convicted about the complete lack of planning that goes into my teaching.  When I get home, it’s time to get a little more organized.
I enjoyed some fine Gingerbread Pancakes at Kerbey Lane (thanks Erin H).  Each pancake literally weighed 17 pounds, and there were 3 of them on my plate.  I ate the South Wing of the pancake building, before my stomach exploded.
Shane and Shane are not David Crowder*Band.  End of story.
I may like Donald Miller more as a speaker than a writer, and I love his writing.  He is so dry and soft-spoken and deliberate when he speaks.  Kind of like his writing.  Maybe I like him a whole bunch both ways.
Erin and I hit a Starbucks last night and had a nice chat.  Could be one of the best moments of the trip so far.
And this morning, Duffy Robbins posed the above questions about teenage spirituality.  I think we have to remember the messiness of nurturing teenagers and how it is a slow process and that we shouldn’t give up.
I’m excited about the Austin Stone tonite.  I’ll update this evening.



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    Chase said,

    I really enjoy your posts. I would respectfully say MacDonald and Yaconelli were both wrong, as some teenagers do make and walk in deep commitments to Christ. In my estimation based on the evidence of lives, their answer makes ministry easier, but with an inaccurate end in mind.

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