Come Home Erin!

That’s my formal plea for my wife to return from visiting her family.  You would think that having the house all to myself, I would sleep well and enjoy the peace.  But laying in a dark room at night with no noise at all is so unnerving.  I’m ready for Erin and Emma to bring back the ruckus.

I am journeying to Deep Ellum tonite to see the very fine band Mute Math at the Gypsy Tea Room.  My brain is seriously starting to go into overload right now.  After all of the great music I heard at the NYWC (Crowder, Shane&Shane, Leeland) and now a Mute Math concert, I don’t know what to do.  I’ve got a new song playing in my head every few minutes.

Jim Gaffigan was on Conan last night.  If you are ever scrolling through the guide and you see Jim’s name on Conan, TiVo that show.  Jim always brings these cartoons called "Pale Force" where he and Conan fight crime using their paleness.

It is officially cold.  It doesn’t even matter what the temperature is.  It is officially cold because I had my first Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks last night.  I always treat myself to this seasonal delight right as fall/winter starts rolling around.  It wouldn’t be good in the heat of summer or the downpours of spring.  But it is perfect on a cool, crisp night.

And last of all, Roy Clay says that Hall & Oates is (are) terrible.  I completely disagree based on three arguments: 3) Maneater, 2) Private Eyes, and 1) Sara Smile.  These are terrific songs that have only added to the collective good that is pop music.  And as an added bonus, Sara and Erin both have 2 syllables, so I can easily insert my wife’s name into Sara Smile, thereby turning a great song into an even better, personalized song of love and devotion.

i’m out, peace.


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  1. 1

    joe wood said,

    we caught hall and oates at nokia–great show, great band, great songs–if you have to be on the older side to think so, so be it!

    joe bob

  2. 2

    Roy L Clay said,

    Next you’re going to proclaim that Perry Cuomo is a musical genius. Dude, Hall and Oates is to music what Paris Hilton is to world literature–sure SOMEBODY read her book, but few actually SAY they read it. Hall’s hair alone is enough to disregard any musical contribution he might have made. Did either one of them actually write those songs anyway? I’m just sayin….

  3. 3

    erin said,

    Home atlast! I missed you like crazy!

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