Now I Can Die In Peace

I’m reading Bill Simmons’ book about the rise of the Boston Red Sox.  I think Simmons is one of the most astute sportswriters in America (and you know I’m an expert).  I love that he combines sports with pop culture and he always writes from the perspective of a fan.

That said, I’m frustrated with his book.  I’m 96 pages in and I’ve found 4 typos.  4!!!  That’s about 20 more than any published book should have.  And the worst thing is that this book isn’t even "new."  I mean that in 2 ways.  It’s a collection of articles written between 1998 and 2004.  All he had to do is cut and paste a bunch of articles that should have had some editor reading them the first time they were written.  The book is also in paperback, which means they could have fixed the errors between printings.

The book is pretty interesting, definitely worth the read.  I’m just curious why the Sports Guy (or his editors) put out an imperfect product.


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    joe wood said,

    I can’t believe you posted something generally connected to the Red Sox–it’s Bill Buckner day you know! The man has been forced to be exiled somewhere in a place called Montana–they have no baseball there and don’t know who the Red Sox are, so he’s safe–maybe after twenty more years there will be forgiveness in bean town! Not! Anyway, give the guy a break about typos–hey he wrote a book and got it published, didn’t he? You say Red Sox, I say Nomahhh!

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    toni said,

    We are SO simpatico about the typos. Whenever I catch a typo in a book, even if it’s just one, it snaps me right out of whatever world the book may have put me in. Then I get greatly irritated at the editors. If I were to ever publish a book, I think I’d have every friend I know read it before signing off. Unless of course I write under a nom de plum, in which case either none of my friends could read it, or they’d all have to take noms de plum as well.

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