It’s the Hap-Happiest Season of All!

I heard these two statements recently:

"The reason we’re in this situation is because Christians haven’t been voting."

"Voting is our God-given right."

Quite interesting.  I’ve never caught the mention in the Bible where God gives us the voting right, and it’s puzzling to me that someone would think that "this situation" is because Christians haven’t invested enough time and energy into a human form of government.


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    Chase said,

    Thank you for writing this. If I could forward this to every evangelical in America I would, except for the guys at the American Family Association. If I sent it to them they would make a DVD of the 2 quotes and sell it for a love gift of $30.

  2. 2

    Roy (G-BIV) Clay said,

    Love the commentary or lack thereof. Let the words speak for themselves.
    I find it interesting that we have come to define our values as Christians with a certain level of political activism–usually of the conservative persuasion. If we looked at the words of Jesus without any of our cultural baggage, would we notfind the author of our faith was 1) not interested in affecting the political system, 2) a social liberal tour de force.

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