The Triumvirate

World champion skipper Tony LaRussa was on Mike and Mike this morning and a big deal was made that he and Bill Parcells and Bobby Knight are good friends.  (Personally the thought of dinner with these three ranks just higher than an all-night marathon of Trading Spaces and The View)  Greenberg played a clip of Bill Parcells saying that he wasn’t having fun during last weekend’s MNF loss to the Giants, and the conversation turned to how all three of these tremendously successful coaches all suffer loss more than they celebrate wins.  The losses in their career have always hung over them much more than the wins ever validated them.

I almost careened in to the meth-lab house at Cayuga and Highland in this ultimate AHA moment (if only "Take on Me" had come on the radio).  It all made sense.  These guys were proven winners, but their losses always loomed larger than their wins.  The roller coaster that is my life feels so much like that.  Every time I totally stink something up, it is always a much bigger deal than when I do something well.  I can do nine things right, but the one thing I do wrong cancels out everything else.

Anyone else feeling me on this?


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    Tee said,

    I feel ya brother. I can do 2 million in sales for my company and not even get a pat on the back, but one little screw-up and I hear about it for the next year. I think they call that “LIFE” !~!~!

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