Not in a million years

I have been thinking it over, and I’ve decided that it will never happen.  I mean never.  Even if I was offered the position, I wouldn’t take.  What position, you ask?  Bob Barker is going to retire from the Price is Right next June, and I’m saying right now that whenever they call and ask me to replace him, I’m going to turn it down.
How can you replace Bob?  No one can give away a 1984 Chrysler LaBaron like him.  No one can stand on those 47 year old sets and make them look like they were just wheeled off of the production line.  A "Hot for Chris" shirt on a 86 year old Grandmother would never look as good as "Hot for Bob".
Tyler aka Sweet-T aka Sweet-N-Lowe and I were talking about how cool it would be if someone called and offered us the job managing the Texas Rangers.  Well, it would be cool for about 20 minutes until we realized how little we know about managing a baseball club.  Same for the P.I.R.  It is an exciting thought in my dreams (yes I dream about hosting the Price is Right…I love me some Plinko), but there’s no way I could ever replace the legend.


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