Swing and a Miss

Let’s talk about two magazines that totally missed with their end of year reviews.  Exhibit A is Spin Magazine.  First of all, Spin has been circling the drain for over a year now.  My love for all things music and my natural instinct to keep things I don’t need to keep make me the perfect person for Spin.  But here is my spin routine lately: take it from the mailbox to the house, skim through it looking for any band that I might have heard of, get frustrated because every band wears makeup / is from Croatia / or is generally uninteresting, and then I throw it away.  I don’t have a single spin magazine in my house, and let me repeat, I keep everything.
It’s now the annual year-in-review issue.  Some periodicals that I don’t normally read are able to draw me in for this last issue of the year.  (I am always curious how people measure the past year)   A small smile emerged as I noticed the new edition of Spin.  Skimming through the magazine, I found my favorite coloumn in Spin: Music Jury.  The editors take two people you wouldn’t normally put together, and then have them listen to the most popular singles of the year and comment on them.  Two years ago, it was John Mayer and David Cross (A+).  This year… Ghostface Killah and ______ Finn from The Hold Steady.  Are these the only people returning Spin’s phone calls?  Ghostface Killah?  Come on!  That’s a flub on the level of the NFL official who botched up the coin flip a few years ago.  Unforgivable.  I will never subscribe to Spin again.  We are breaking up, once and for all.
The second complete miss?  I’ll tell you tomorrow.


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