Movies I’ve Ado(RED) and Abhor(RED)

A note about the title: Lately, I have seen quite a bit of the Project (RED) merchandise, and I like how they use words ending in RED and enclose them with parentheses so I thought I would give it a go.

I have watched 4 movies, 1 comedy special, and heard my wife’s report on another movie.  Here is the rundown (by the way, I may release some plot information you don’t want to know if you haven’t seen the movie so consider this your warning):

Rocky Balboa: Don’t tell me that Stallone shouldn’t have made this movie.  And don’t tell me that you can’t get choked up during a boxing movie.  While it’s not Oscar-worthy, it completes a series of films that are classic American cinema.  The boxing is better than any of the other movies, and overall I would say this installment is second only to Rocky IV.  But it still gets a solid A-

Pirates of the Caribbean 2: The storyline was advanced, a few new characters are introduced, there’s some romantic tension between Keira and Orlando.  It was good, except for the gigantic cliffhanger ending.  **Excursus: How is it legal to release a movie that could obviously not stand on it’s own?  First I was burned by Matrix Reloaded, then Kill Bill, and now this.  I believe there are 3 categories: Serials (Indiana Jones), Movies-Way-Too-Long-To-Be-Combined (Lord of the Rings), and Cliffhangers-Destined-For-Hades (POTC2).  This movie was not good enough to end like this. Excursus Fin** Shaky C+

Dane Cook: Vicious Circle: I love watching stand-up.  No one else on earth has to command the attention of an audience like a stand-up comedian.  I think it’s the most similar profession to preaching there is.  So watching stand-up is usually like doing research…this was the kind of research that makes you want to swallow a knife.  It was terrible, unfunny, and uninspired.  Dane was in his hometown, and it seemed like the Bostonians would have laughed at anything.  F

Mission: Impossible 3: Vastly Superior to the other two films.  Despite the unavoidable evidence that Tom Cruise is certifiably crazy, he makes a fine intelligence agent.  Probably not buy-able, but I’d watch it again. B+

Charlotte’s Web: This is the wife’s report.  "It was good.  It moved faster than the cartoon."  That statement and the fact that Emma keeps talking about Wih-bor the pig make me think it was decent. B

The Devil Wears Prada: There are definitely levels of greatness.  To say that As Good As It Gets is great is different that saying Big is great.  I love Big, and I’ll watch it over and over, but it is not a potential Desert-Island movie like As Good As It Gets.  This movie was more Big-Great than Great-Great.  My favorite piece of the movie is how accurately they illustrated the fact that it sometimes feels impossible to do well at work and at home.  How it feels like you can only be good at one thing at a time.  Constant struggle for me.  Anyway, good acting from Meryl Streep.  Adrien Grenier showed up as the same guy from Entourage / You Drive Me Crazy…He really should find a new part.  Movie gets an A-

Next up on the list is You, Me & Dupree and then The Last Kiss.

Two-Double Aught-Six was the most eventful year of my life since the first one.  I hope that 2007 is a year filled with challenges and stories of how those challenges were overcome in innovative ways.  Or something like that.



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  1. 1

    Travis Cottrell said,

    So, As Good As It Gets is one of your favorite movies? Love it. Shame on you for giving Dane Cook any of your time.

    Love Charlotte’s Web. The whole Cottrell clan went. It was the first time all five of us went to the theater together.

    I haven’t seen any of the other ones on your list. Movie-going drops exponentially with each kid. I am down to about 3 a year. : >)

    Thanks for the shout out on your page. Hope you all are doing great.

  2. 2

    We have since gotten the cartoon Charlotte’s Web and I think Emma is a bigger fan of that than it’s live-action counterpart.
    I hear you on the movie watching. Going to the theater used to be one of mine and Erin’s favorite things to do, but it’s usually not an option much anymore.

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