My Top Three

Female Singers

For some reason, I don’t often listen to a lot of female vocalists.  There is no deep-rooted sexism, most of the bands that I like are all fronted by guys.  But here are three ladies that I could listen to anytime.

A :: Sarah McLachlan – I’m not talking about "Adia" or "Angel" or "I Will Remember You."  Those are all decent songs, but my favorite Sarah songs are Silence and Sweet Surrender.  For bonus points, check out Sarah McLachlan Remixed, a CD filled with her voice on top of techno beats.  The best version of Sweet Surrender is on this CD.  To find an awesome rendition of Silence, check out Paul Oakenfold’s Traveling double CD set.  She’s got the perfect voice for techno music; it’s airy and light.

B :: Imogen Heap – Probably best known for her songs on Grey’s Anatomy or the song "Let Go" in Garden State with the group Frou Frou.  (This song is in a 3-way tie for best song to capture a movie-moment.  The other two are "Colorblind" in Cruel Intentions and "Battle Without Honor" in Kill Bill.)  Her self-titled CD is my favorite music to listen to while I’m running.  The Postal Service beats mixed with her computer-like voice is the oddest combination, but it works.

C :: Kate Havnevik – My latest find.  I love her music!  She’s similar to Imogen, but her voice sounds less processed.  You  might have heard her song "Brand New Day" in a Grey’s Anatomy episode a few weeks ago.  You can get her CD on iTunes…I would definitely recommend it.

Honorable mentions :: Dido, Lisa Hannigan (Damien Rice’s co-singer), and Leigh Nash.


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  1. 1

    Travis Cottrell said,

    Dude…have we ever talked about this? This is where we separate on our likeness path. I dig chick singers way over guy singers.

    I bet you would like Sara Groves. Her last record, Add To The Beauty, is crazy good. Your favorite worship leader (grin) did some BGV’s on it. Check it out. She is awesome.

    Big NFL weekend. Go Colts.


  2. 2

    Roy GBIV said,

    I am big on female singers. Slightly-old school but the first albumn of Joan Osborne was incredible. The female lead of Zero 7 is pretty good. And you may not like bluegrass, but Allison Krauss is the real deal.

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