Two Questions

Is there an athlete more dominant than Roger Federer?  Don’t say Tiger Woods or Steve Nash.  Not even that Japanese hot dog eating guy could touch the Swiss tennis master.  He got rid of Andy Roddick like he was Mandy Moore.  I’m also a semi-fan of Maria Sharapova, but she’s about to get waxed by Serena "I Am Way Too Out of Shape to be Winning" Williams.

Why wouldn’t ESPN film the Australian Open in High Definition?  There are only four Grand Slam events a year, and the other three finals all end up on network TV (NBC I believe).  If I was running ESPN’s tennis division, I would do everything I could to turn our broadcast into the broadcast to end all broadcasts.  I would try and find some ultra-HD way of showing the tournament.  But I’m not in charge of ESPN.


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    Travis Cottrell said,

    Yep…Roger Federer is cruising past Pete in the record books like it’s nothing. Kinda makes me sad…I recognize his brilliance, but I can’t seem to find it in my heart to root for him, or even really be happy for him. Same with Serena…I know she’s a freak of a player, but I always root against her. Even when she plays her sister. Hey, did I ever tell you that Angela and I were at the first ever all-Williams Grand Slam final? Sept. 8, 2001 – US Open. It was awesome.

  2. 2

    Were you in New York on 9/11?

  3. 3

    Travis Cottrell said,

    We came home on the 10th. We were originally schduled to fly home on the 11th, but changed our flights at the last minute. We were at the World Trade Center on the 9th.

    Have you voted on the Sports Nation question today? “Which streak is most impressive?” I voted for Roger, although I think that to make it 16 games in a row without a loss in the NBA is next to impossible. Steve Nash is a dude.

  4. 4

    Travis Cottrell said,

    This comment is about the post a while back with the pictures of your ordination (I love those pics, and I went back to them today, just to see them again…I am immensely happy for you and so proud of what the Lord is doing through you and your family). It hit me that there are two full bottles of water on the podium, which made me laugh…thinking that you were about to unleash the sermon of a lifetime. You were about to preach the heavens down, complete with theatrics, shouting, and a few “can I get a witness” moments. And your parched and preaching throat was going to need those bottles in mere seconds.

  5. 5

    Tee said,

    “Don’t say Tiger”? Dude, You play golf…You gotta give him his props. 7 in a row and that’s against 200 guys, not 10.


  6. 6

    First of all, I don’t think many people would consider what I do on a course “Playing Golf.”
    Second, Tiger can have two off days in a row (a la the Buick) and still be in the running as long as he makes the cut. If Federer has 1 off day, he’s out.

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