This Isn’t Going To Work

Wade Phillips is apparently on his way to Dallas to coach the Cowboys.  I’ve been keeping an ear to the ground this morning to hear the chatter about why this is a "Perfect Fit" and why this isn’t going to be a colossal failure.  Here’s why I think the only thing wade phillips is a perfect fit for is a pair of pants with a 62 inch waist:

Reason A: "His Track Record as a Head Coach" Chris Mortensen said this is the reason that Jerry Jones went with Phillips over Norv Turner.  He did everything except call him a "Proven Winner."  When did we start saying that coaches who are 48-39 have a good track record?  Not to mention he is 0-3 in the playoffs.  Didn’t we just get rid of a coach who can go 9-7 and lose in the first round?  Ridiculous.

Reason B: "His Laid Back Coaching Style will Mesh with T.O." Both Mort and a Cold Pizza analyst went on about this.  All I can say is Exhibit 1-Andy Reid.  Laid back coach + T.O. = Immediate Success but eventual Disaster.  I don’t know if Norv Turner would have done any better, but please don’t tell me that the reason we should hire Phillips is because he will "mesh with T.O."

Reason C: "He’s a Master of the 3-4 Defense"  Wait?!?!  He knows the 3-4???  Well, why didn’t you say so.  I guess that Parcells was just joking when he said he knew the 3-4.  And I guess the Cowboys were just trying to spice up their life by totally abandoning it in the last few weeks of the season.  It couldn’t be that we weren’t getting any pressure in the backfield with the 3-4, could it?  It couldn’t be that our line backers and defensive backs were getting shredded in the passing game, could it?  That’s the answer to the Cowboys mystery: a defensive mastermind.

2007 should be a banner year.  We’ll have a totally inexperienced offensive coordinator (but he’s got cute red hair) with a defensive specialist for a coach.  There will still be problems with T.O. and Romo will make 2 bad plays for every 3 good plays.  I’ve gotta run and get my season tickets now!


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  1. 1

    clw said,

    ok, ok ,ok enough of cowboy,mavs,rangers bashin.if you dont like dallas teams go to san antonio…oh they only have one to choose from! sorry i forgot! ok heres why,although i also believe there were better coaching candidates than phillips, heres why its a match and might work. exhibit A – wade is proven in that all his teams either used or ended up in a a base 3-4.
    exhibit B – all his defenses were in the top 6 out of 32 in all majore catagories.
    exhibit C – dallas 3-4 wasnt as good late in the year primarily due to greg ellis not being in the line up. till that fatefull day we were very very solid in all phases of the defense.

    and most of all exhibit D (THATS D FOR DALLAS BABY!!!} JERRY COULDNT HIRE THE BETTER CHOICES IE. SINGLETARY,RIVERA,ETC. BECAUSE DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!! NO SELF RESPECTING YOUNG STUD COACH WANTS TO TAKE A JOB WHERE YOUR GOING TO BE ASKED TO STEP DOWN FOR GARRET AFTER A COUPLE OF SEASONS.also if they win its all gm/owner jerry jones doings and if they fail its all because they just werent ready to be a head coach yet.

    ok i said all this to say if you want to increase youth on sun/wed meetings you gotta gotta gotta get your head in the game? for pete sakes man this is C-O-W-B-O-Y country….wheres the love????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. 2

    i miss you boss. big time. i miss the mrs. boss a lot more. 🙂 but i miss you little family like crazy!

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