Practice Makes Perfect?

Comedian Robert Klein said on Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedy Award show that actors get paid big money to appear like they are saying their lines for the first time. In case you weren’t aware, I am obsessed with understanding how to hold an audiences attention. One of the easiest ways of doing research is watching a stand-up comedian work. But this was something new; people want to believe that actors are speaking lines as they come to mind. How does this translate to public speaking? Do people want to believe that I am saying original thoughts in their infancy, or do they want to hear things that have been thought out and rehearsed? Or do people think they want to hear practiced words, when they really want to hear something that is fresh?


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    blake williamson said,

    maybe they want to hear practiced words (without the audience actually knowing) that are fresh.

    the danger with something fresh is that it can come out well, improvised and not well thought out, and why would i want to follow that.

    they also dont want to hear something practiced (qualifying “practiced” as an idea without flesh on it.)

    i think the freshness comes in the unscriptedness of delivery. as if you have really worked through something that also gives it weight that i could follow. if you havent worked through it, it will be scripted. you can say the same thing as someone else who has really put flesh on this idea in their life and it wont come across that way. (if they can speak worth anything)

    you can preach on grace, but if it something you havent worked through and just give the biblical def. and “scripted” sermon it loses its freshness. but if you own the sermon, have already put flesh on it in your own life, then the words become fresh because they take on a real and fresh meaning. you cannot fake that.

    maybe the problem is that not enough pastors are wrestling with what they are talking about and therefore the crucial element of humanity is missing. that kind of sermon in a sense is only theory to the one speaking. they havent tested it out in their own life.

    good actors become the character. jamie fox WAS ray charles not acting like ray charles.

    in a sense i would wonder if you ARE the sermon or teaching- and not just teaching the sermon.

    these become words that have been practiced that have become fresh.

    just my two cents.
    i could be completely wrong.

    glad you posted. its been awhile.

    not that i have any room to talk.

    sorry this was so long.

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    Travis said,

    Yea. It’s about time. My life can continue now.

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