Are you serious????

Tim Duncan was just ejected from the Spurs-Mavs game for laughing on the sideline. Joey Crawford called on foul on Fabricio Oberto, and Duncan, who was on the bench, laughed at the call. He said nothing. That was worth a second technical foul, equalling an automatic ejection?!?!
Are we serious? I know that Mark Cuban tries to play up this rivalry, and Duncan can whine sometimes, but is this what the NBA wants? Superstars being dismissed from playing because they are laughing? Let’s get real. This game has little significance, but I think this is a poor statement about the officiating in the league.
You say I’m a hater, I say I’m a voice crying in the wilderness.


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  1. 1

    Travis said,

    Hey, Mr. Wilderness Voice…

    Let’s not sweat it. It will just be fuel to the fire come playoff time. We’ll take ’em then. Oh yes we will.

    When has the NBA evr been consistent anyway?

  2. 2

    Travis said,

    So, the guys got suspended. Congratulations, wilderness boy.

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