2 Weeks O’ Netflix

Erin and I jumped on a free trial of Netflix last week. Well, that’s not entirely correct, I said, “Hey let’s try out Netflix.” Erin mumbled something like “unneccessary” or “silly” or “we’ve got plenty of movies here, why do we need more”…I’m not sure.
Anyway, I was curious how long it takes between when they send the movie, and when it arrives. With blockbuster, it took 2 days to receive the movie, and with Netflix back at Zephyr, it took 2 days. Here in Athens, it only takes 1 solitary, single day. Because of the quick turnaround, Erin and I have watched a bunch of movies in the past few days.
“Blood Diamond” – I don’t know if Leo has ever done a better acting job. It never feels like he, or anyone else, is overacting. The movie is good in the same way that “Constant Gardner” is good. You need to see it, but it’s not easy to watch.
“Marie Antoinette” – Not sure what I was expecting with this one. Kyle said he thought it was an indictment of the Paris Hilton-esque lifestyle, and I can see that. It’s really just a poorly executed film, in my opinion. Good costumes, and good locations. But it doesn’t really let you in on the life of the characters. They seemed very wooden.
“Jesus Camp” – Mark Cuban’s company produced this documentary about a fundamentalist camp for children in North Dakota. It’s amazing to hear how much war/soldier rhetoric is used to manipulate the kids. Coming from a camp background, it was creepy to remember all of the times that I saw stuff like this happen. Maybe things weren’t quite this crazy, but there were still some eerie memories.

Movies On Deck: “Flags of Our Fathers” and “The Good Shepherd”

The free trial ends in 6 days so we’ve got some watching to do this weekend.


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  1. 1

    Travis said,

    That list of movies is about the most unappealing list I have ever seen. Blood Diamond? Really? It was palatable? Marie Antoinette? Really? Kirsten Dunst is about as good an actress as, well, she’s awful. I’m thinking you know, like I might hire her for a cast of Survivor or something. But that’s it. And to think she is in one of my top ten movies of all time (Spiderman). It hurst my feelings almost.

    Maybe I would like Flags Of Our Fathers, only because of Clint Eastwood. The Good Shepherd? Can’t do it. Beautiful as she is, I can’t go there with the starlett who is that fidelity-challenged. I have a hard time separating them as actors and real people. I hate that I am that way. But I just am.

    Sorry to diss your movie list. But I guess I am dissing your movie list.

    Gotta go..we are getting ready to watch Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd.

    : >)

  2. 2

    chrisstapper said,

    I don’t even have to come up with a rebuttal to that…

    Anyone who says Blood Diamond isn’t palatable as they are gearing up for Dumb and Dumberer has pretty much made my arguments.

  3. 3

    chrisstapper said,

    And oh yeah, Babel is on the way Travis. It’s got the other-half of the fidelity challenged Duo.

  4. 4

    Travis said,

    Down with the fidelity-challenged duo!

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