Google’s Of Fun

Google Maps may be the most fun time-waster I’ve ever found. I have always loved figuring out how far it is from my house to different places (I’m kind of a map-geek), and I also love to look at the Satellite photos of different places. Here are two new fun things to do with Google Maps.
1) Go to the Get Directions Tab and type in New York as your original location and Paris as your destination. Scroll down to direction number 23. (first seen on Bill Simmon’s Page)

2) Go to find businesses, and find any restaurant, store, dry cleaner, cobbler, haberdashery, or other business that you want. When you find said business, there will be a link that says call. Click that, and you will be prompted for your phone number. Google will call you, and then connect you to the business. It’s amazing. (I think you could put in someone else’s phone number, and then Google would call them and connect them with the business. It could be like an intervention. I could put my brother’s phone number in and then connect him with an going-bald-early support group.)


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