Worship Series :: C

“It looks like you’re killing me, but you’re saving my life.” –Derek Webb

A long time ago, a group of worshippers gathered together to call out to God. They admitted that they had chosen something other than God and they asked for forgiveness. Alongside of confession, the people fasted. The idols they had created were torn down, and they returned to their loving Father.

While this was going on, their enemies heard what they were doing, and made a move to wipe them out once and for all. As they prepared to battle what would be an easy kill, the situation would have looked utterly hopeless to an outsider. An army is pursuing a collection of people who were more interested in prayer than defending themselves. What hope could this group of worshippers have?

Moments passed, and the slaughter seemed imminent. And suddenly, God responds. His thunder sounds, and the army that was so sure of victory is thrown into confusion. The confusion is so severe that the worshippers are able to soundly defeat their would-be attackers. When the battle is over, the leader of the worshippers prepares a reminder of the event. A rock…a stone of help…an ebenezer is placed at the site of the salvation.

While this story of salvation may be unique to the Israelites, as followers of Christ we should all have a story to tell. A story of worship saving our lives. What seems like foolishness is the exact thing that saves us. What triggers these memories for you? A song? A picture? What is your ebenezer…your reminder?


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