gua-No More

Have you watched Planet Earth on The Discovery Channel? It is one of the most amazing documentary series I’ve ever watched. From hydroplaning dolphins to shark attacks, this show is incredible. I watched the Caves episode last night (in HD of course) and I got to see how bats live in New Zealand. Apparently, they produce a lot of guano. The pile that grew below them was Huge, and covered with hundreds of thousands of cockroaches. The cockroaches are able to find enough left over nutrients in the refuse to keep them alive. In the caves, most animals don’t leave. So cockroaches are dependent on bats going to find nourishment, digesting it, and then leaving them a few morsels of food.
There is something so familiar here. Cockroaches are content to live on the digested food of another creature. They don’t find their own food; instead, they leave it up to the bats to do the hard work. And even though they would probably prefer a non-guano breakfast, why venture out on their own?
Here’s why that’s familiar: I’m all too often content to let someone else do the heavy lifting in dealing with Scripture. I’ll let Rob Bell or Louie Giglio or Andy Stanley go out and gather all of the good food, digest it, and then give me whatever is leftover from their search. Sure, I would rather be able to do some great study on my own, but it’s so easy to live off their teaching-guano. Well, that’s not good enough, unless I’m happy being a cockroach. Which I’m not.
And I doubt I’m the only one who relies on someone else to interact with God for me sometimes. The Israelites all wanted Moses to intercede with God on their behalf. The seven sons of Sceva tried to use Jesus and Paul’s message to get the demons to come out. We all try to live off someone else’s food from time to time. But wouldn’t it be better if we stopped? Let’s quit being cockroaches.


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