The First Sunburn

Atlanta, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Graduation Sunday, Internsm Enchanted Rock, Comal River. That’s what the last 4 weeks have looked like. My Wednesdays and Thursdays have been my Mondays because I have just been flat gone from the office. And somehow over the past month, June has crept up and is waiting to catch me off-guard.
This is the second summer in a row that I do not have major plans of sitting by a pool for sustained amounts of time. The previous 6 summers, I spent the majority of my time lifeguarding, and the summers before that were arranged to include regular visits to the neighborhood pool. The first sunburn was always a momentous occasion. By mid-August I was completely tan, my hair had lightened, and my feet even had tan-lines where my flip flops typically sat. But each June as school was finishing up, I was embarrassingly pale.
I remember the trip to the pool on the first day it was actually hot. My brother and I would brave the cooler days simply because we wanted to swim, but there was always a day when slightly cool had morphed into sweltering heat. On this day, mom would always say something to the effect of “Don’t forget the sunscreen!” but who needed sunscreen. The memories of last year’s burning-and-peeling had faded just like my mid-August tan, and so I would swim for hours leaving my skin vulnerable to the death rays of the sun.
The result: cataclysmic sunburn. Red shoulders…sore back…tender stomach…burning eyes. Not long after, however, the redness would fade to a brown color, and the intense heat would die down. And thus, the first sunburn would pass.
I got my first sunburn of summer yesterday. The float down the Comal did me in. I know I need to wear sunscreen, but it usually just slips my mind. Some lessons just have to be repeated and repeated and repeated.


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    jade said,

    i love enchanted rock.

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