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Willow Arts Conference

Huge glass windows sit in front of me framing the lake at Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago. And the view is only a secondary cool-factor in this whirlwind trip. Highlights:
+ Chicago Institute of Art
+ Cheesecake Factory
+ A PillowTop Mattress and Down Comforter
+ A Hotel with a Television in the Bathroom
+ In a 2 hour stretch last night, I saw David Crowder play live, and see a sneak preview of Evan Almighty.
+ The Programming here at the conference is mind-boggling

I’m so in love with these over-the-top-cool conferences. It’s a reminder of what excellence looks like. Camp is right around the corner, and I have been trying to push through mediocrity and get to the excellence that is possible.

Home tomorrow, but only for a few days. Camp is next week, followed rapidly by a mission trip to the Houston area.

Slow down life…


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