Willow Arts Conference

Huge glass windows sit in front of me framing the lake at Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago. And the view is only a secondary cool-factor in this whirlwind trip. Highlights:
+ Chicago Institute of Art
+ Cheesecake Factory
+ A PillowTop Mattress and Down Comforter
+ A Hotel with a Television in the Bathroom
+ In a 2 hour stretch last night, I saw David Crowder play live, and see a sneak preview of Evan Almighty.
+ The Programming here at the conference is mind-boggling

I’m so in love with these over-the-top-cool conferences. It’s a reminder of what excellence looks like. Camp is right around the corner, and I have been trying to push through mediocrity and get to the excellence that is possible.

Home tomorrow, but only for a few days. Camp is next week, followed rapidly by a mission trip to the Houston area.

Slow down life…


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  1. 1

    jade said,

    slow down? this is what makes you come alive, boss. i want to go to Chicago. and a tv in the bathroom sounds decadent. hahahaha.

  2. 2

    Travis Cottrell said,

    dude…important things – like what did you eat at the cheesecake factory?

  3. 3

    chrisstapper said,

    Stuffed Chicken Tortillas and vanilla bean cheesecake.

  4. 4

    jade said,

    mmmm vanilla bean cheesecake is the BEST!

  5. 5

    Travis Cottrell said,


  6. 6

    Travis Cottrell said,

    man up

  7. 7

    Sammie said,

    Dear Chris, to quote Louie Giglio, how long have you been blogging? Anything thats worth anything is worth some years put into it. You have exciting things to say. Many of us view blogs to get encouragement or to give it. Continue to lift up, it really does not take that long to do, who knows who you are writing to out there, or what they might accomplish because of your lift.

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