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On why this is probably my last blog entry…

It really comes down to influence.  When I write something down on WordPress, there is a good chance that about 20 people may see it.  I have kept up with the stats of the blog and I average about 13 hits a day (I’m pretty sure that 9 of those may be my mom).  If you take 13 different hits over a few days and assume that some of those are the same people, probably no more than 20-35 people are actually looking at this blog.  Random drop-ins happen, but I have never had a comment nor been linked to by any of these drop-ins.And even if the readership went up, what is the point really?  Does anyone care about a trip to Chicago or what I think of the Dallas Cowboys?  Probably not.  This blog is just random ramblings about asinine topics.  There have been occasional posts about upcoming messages with the students or little thoughts about faith and following Jesus, but are those posts really “inspiring?”  I highly doubt it.And so, I am left wondering how I can spend more time where I have greater influence.  A Podcast?  Probably not.  The youth website?  Doubt it.  It gets about 1/3 of the hits that I get here.  I don’t know what is next, but I am pretty sure that I am done with blogging. 


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