Website Woes

I am trying to engineer a convenient solution for our student ministry website. We own the domain and have published a website in various forms. At the moment I am trying to configure Apple’s new iWeb ’08 program to build a site that will be easily updated and published. So far, there has been a bunch of work and reading and calling with few results.

I’m starting to come to the realization that there is probably not an easy solution to a complex problem like trying to have a good website. My options seem to be: A) Spend Money (too much in my opinion) or B) Build my own site. Which leads to my ultimate dilemma: I don’t know enough to build my own site with any technical program…but I almost do. That could be the title of a movie about my life: He Almost Knew Enough.

I’ve never been a good athlete, but I’m not bad. I’m average at almost any sport, and I was almost good enough to be really good at a number of sports. In school, I’ve always been pretty good, but I never could seem to turn the corner and be really exceptional at anything (that could’ve been from a lack of effort…hmmm..) . And with this website stuff, I’m right on the edge. I have a basic understanding of HTML, and a decent familiarity with computers. But if I got all giddy and ordered Dreamweaver, I’d be like a toddler lost in the deep end of the pool.

Anyone else feel like that sometimes? Competent at a bunch of stuff, but an expert at nothing? It’s frustrating some days, to say the least. I often think I’d rather be horrible at most things so long as I could be great at something.


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    T-Y said,

    I am glad to see the C. Stapper blogging is up and going again…my below average (looks, intelligence, public speaking ability) & above average (talking alot, college basketball facts, fantasy football savvy, And1 knowledge) usually balance each other out in my mind to make me quite average…I feel your pain

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    overcomer said,

    I felt that way lots of times…
    the LORD is good to remind me that I can strive to be great at loving HIM with all my heart soul mind and strength.

    Came over from Travis’ blog…and will visit again..Peace my brother..God is good and always the best at everything! 😉

  3. 3

    cesis said,


    Glad to find your blog. Hope things are going well there and you are getting ready to join us sometime soon in Cesis, Latvia (!). It will be better than Los Eutamious, I promise. They even have internet here.

    Mark Wimberley

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