Only Love Can Make it Rain

In the book of Job, we find a man who is broken and appears as if he’s lost everything.  And then things get worse.  The author of Job spend but a few chapters introducing his dilemma, and a few chapters of wrap-up at the end.  The bulk of the book is an argument between Job and his so-called friends.  They arrive to help him through this difficult time, but they end up going round and round in fruitless debate about the nature of his circumstances.   Leave it to Job’s friends to engage in pointless dialogue, when they had started off so well.  Job 2:13 says the three men sat on the ground with Job and didn’t say a word because they could see how much pain he was holding onto.  If the story ends there, we have an amazing picture of friends living alongside of a broken-down traveller.  But they have to open their mouth.  As if words could make it rain…

Erin and I watched “Reign Over Me” last night.  What an incredible story about suffering and ministry.  As the movie shows, our natural reaction is usually to get people over the hump of suffering.  Take them to a counsellor.  Deal with the problem.  Move on.  Let it go.  But sometimes it’s not quite so easy.  More often than not, we believe we need to be either informational (get on the solution side) or inspirational (give them hope).  But I believe Christ-followers have a much more exciting call on their lives.  We are to be incarnational.  As we walk alongside of others, we can be Jesus in the flesh to hurting people.  Our love can do something that information and inspiration will never do.  1 John reminds us that God doesn’t just have love, he is the very embodiment of love.  And when we love those around us, we bring God to life right in front them.  Because information and inspiration can’t make it rain.  Only love can make it rain…

So here is my prayer for today:  “Love, reign over me.  Amen.” 


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