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Time Profile of Rob Bell

Ok, I should admit it…I’ve got a bit of a crush on Rob.  I listen to all the podcasts, I watch the Nooma’s, I’ve seen him on both of his tours, and I’ve read his books.  When I was a kid, I watched Troy Aikman and dreamed of lighting up defensive backs the way he did.  These days, I listen to the way Rob communicates the Gospel, and I long to be that comfortable and articulate.

Here’s the link to the article in Time Magazine


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License To Wed

Erin and I rented License to Wed from our local Redbox DVD rental mechanism last night, and I have to admit that i only rented it because they didn’t have Ocean’s 13 and I couldn’t convince myself to get Barbie and The Magical Marshmallow Land.

The movie turned out to be a pleasant surprise…we thouroughly enjoyed it.   You could see the ending coming a mile away(I called the sand part before it happened).  But there were plenty of funny parts, plus you get to see all of the characters from The Office throughout the movie.  I doubt I would buy it, but License To Wed is definitely worth the rental.

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