New Stuff to Read

That’s me with my new copy of Rob Bell’s latest book, Jesus Wants to Save Christians.  The back cover says the book is about “faith and fear, wealth and war, poverty, power, safety, terror, Bibles, bombs, and homeland insecurity.” I’ve only read about 16 pages so far, but I’m lovin it.

Side note, when I picked it up to read this morning, Emma asked if I was going to do my puzzle.  Love my little girl.


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    Jade said,

    i want to read that book, but it’s gotta wait until after this weekend when the third Eragon book comes out. Im picking up my copy Saturday and I’m sure I’ll read it all night long. But that book is next on my list.

    I love Emma. She’s so great. Did she end up having a good birthday party? Erin said she’d been sick. I just need to call your wife. I miss your family. Let’s go camping.

  2. 2

    Emma’s party was great…Erin baked the most impressive cake I’ve ever seen.

    Eragon? I feel like you’re going behind Harry Potter’s back. You shouldn’t be allowed to read that stuff until all of the movies are out.

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