House Update

Erin and I have finally decided to join the ranks of grown-ups and purchase a home.  We feel like there is never going to be a more stable market to invest in than the real estate market.  It just seems like a great financial plan.  If we have any money left over, we are going to either put it into the stock market or flush it down the toilet.

We started looking at homes 10 days ago, and were able to find the right home at the right price in the right area.  I thought it would be a much longer process, but God has provided a great place for our family to live, and the price really couldn’t be better.

At this point we have signed a contract and are sitting right in the middle of our option period.  The house is being inspected tomorrow, and then we will re-negotiate any problems (hopefully nothing!).  Our loan process is working, and we are kind of waiting.  I’ll post some pics of the house later.

Prayer requests: Good report from the inspector, friendly underwriters, and a sensible appraisal.


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