Not Because Its Easy

It seems as if there is a general assumption that delegating tasks is easy, and that by delegating your life as a leader will grow easier with every job you don’t have to do.  I can’t say I’ve been a paid leader for that long, but I know enough to know that this assumption is false.

In fact delegation and giving the leaders who work for you the room to actually lead and flourish is much harder.  You have less control on both the process and the output.  Tasks that would take you minutes seem to drag on for hours.  It would be so much simpler to just do the job yourself.

Learning to let others do what you could do seems like one of the toughest lessons of leadership.  I can see so many places that I fail to delegate in the name of efficiency.  But I have also had times in my life where I have been completely frustrated and stifled because I feel like I could do more.  How those two truths can coexist side by side and not radically change my leadership style is baffling.

I think it’s because I want to do things the easiest way possible, instead of doing the thing that takes more effort.  But I have this sneaky suspicion that if I would learn to put in the extra effort, my life as a leader would probably get easier.  Go figure.


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