My Band

I read about this band meme (meme definition: idea or behavior that can pass from one person to another) on marko’s blog. To create your band, you follow the links below.  You’ll discover your band name, album title, and album art.

1. Band Name: Random Wikipeda Link

2. Album Title: Random quote generator (take the last four words from the first quote on the page)

3. Album Art: Flickr Interesting Photo (pick one)


My Band Name: Wushe Incident (this was the biggest rebellion against colonial japanese forces by the taiwanese…and it’s a killer band name!)

My Band’s Album: Language I Don’t Understand (also awesome)

And here is my band’s album cover:

Far Out Puppy by Jesse Pace.


Pretty awesome band if I do say so myself…now all I need are some other members, and songs.  Play along, and post your band in the comments.


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