U2 Tour


That’s the set design for U2’s new tour to support No Line on The Horizon. The band will be going to outdoor venues to incorporate a new 360 degree stage.  Bono said this to MTVNews: “Every tour you’ve ever been to outdoors, you just see a big stack of speakers on the left, a big stack of speakers on the right and then this little stage.” Anyone you’ve ever seen outdoors [always sets up that same way], and why is that?” he continued. “The engineering is the way it is, ’cause unlike being at Madison Square Garden or an indoor venue, you can’t hang things. We’ve sorted this out. We have some magic, and we’ve got some beautiful objects we’re going to take around the world, and we’re inside that object. We’re hanging from that object, and it frees up those seats behind the stage. They may be the best seats.”  Only four North American dates have been anounced and they are not anywhere near Dallas, but more should be on the way.


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