Looking For Rhythm

I can try and act normal most of the time, but eventually my obsessive-compulsive tendencies are going to come out.  For the past few weeks, I’ve started giving in to my need for a daily routine.  Truth be told, routine makes me feel better and healthier and happier.  My days have looked somewhat like this:

  • Wake up, make coffee
  • Water / Check on the garden
  • Work out at the Cain Center
  • Go to work
  • Read news, facebook updates, twitter
  • If it’s early in the week – get ready for Wednesday, late in the week – prepare for Sunday
  • Come home around 5
  • Play with kiddos, make dinner
  • Catch up on TV with Erin (newest guilty pleasure: Dancing with the stars)
  • Do my best to get to bed before 10:30

It’s not glamourous, but routine makes me better.  There are always some changes, however if I have a plan, I find I can get a lot more done.  Here’s to living intentionally!


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