It’s Not All That Impressive


That’s the data from my run last night (compliments of Nike+).  I have really been trying to up the ante on my exercise lately, and yesterday was a test to see how the process was going.  I have yet to lose any weight, and I don’t think I look different.  But my overarching goal has been to increase my fitness level and stop wheezing when I carry Caedmon up the stairs to bed.  So I went running before dinner last night….

And I was thoroughly happy.  The data may not show it, but I was able to keep a much better pace than usual, and I ran for longer than I normally do as well.  The four major dips in the workout are the times I was climbing the hill on the Cain Center track.  I wasn’t nearly as tired when I got home.  It was a big boost of encouragement to keep swimming, hitting the elliptical, and lifting weights.

It’s not all that impressive, but it’s a start.


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    blakeandashley said,

    talked to someone yesterday who did the entire p90x program and saw no significant weight loss. they were stronger and more fit.

    they did weight watchers and no p90x and she lost 15 lbs and her husband lost over 20 since the end of July.

    she said weight loss is %70 nutrition, and this is why i cant lose weight. I eat terribly and way too late at night.

    if we play ball anytime soon you will see me trying to catch my breath the majority of the game!

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