First Day of School

Tomorrow is a cataclysmic day in the life of the Stapper household. Emma turns 5 and I start another semester in grad school. I can't believe that Emma is that old, and I also can't believe I'm starting another year of school. I wish I could push pause on the little girl growing up, while I fast forward on this education process.
When I was younger, the best part of the new school year pretty much revolved around buying 2 things: a new backpack and new shoes. Both items set the tone for your school year. If you picked the right Jansport pack and the perfect Nikes, then life would be good. Unfortunately, the newness of both purchases wore off rather quickly. Soon enough you were just in the boring rhythm of school.
I'm doing my best to be optimistic about another school year beginning. There's stuff to be learned, people to meet, and hopefully a chance to connect with God in some new way. What are you looking forward to this year?


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